Berserk Author Kentaro Miura
ISBN-10 9781506704425
Year 2017-07-18
Pages 216
Language en
Publisher Dark Horse Comics

Guts, the Black Swordsman, and his companions have finally broken free of the monster-infested wilderness and arrived at the port city of Vritannis. But the band finds out all too quickly that humans can be just as monstrous as the nightmarish creatures and apostles they battled in the forest. As Schierke and Isidro face off against pirate slavers, Farnese's power-hungry family tries to force her once again under the yoke of their political ambitions. The group's only hope is to find a ship out of the city, but even if they manage to secure a vessel, will everyone be free to leave?

Berserk Style in American Culture

Berserk Style in American Culture Author K. Farrell
ISBN-10 9780230339149
Year 2011-08-01
Pages 252
Language en
Publisher Springer

Focusing on post-Vietnam America, using perspectives from psychology, anthropology, and physiology, this book demonstrates the need for criticism to unpack the confusions in language and cultural fantasy that drive the nation's fascination with the berserk style.

New Theatre Quarterly 48 Volume 12

New Theatre Quarterly 48  Volume 12 Author Clive Barker
ISBN-10 0521565006
Year 1997-02-13
Pages 104
Language en
Publisher Cambridge University Press

New Theatre Quarterly provides an international forum where theatrical scholarship and practice can meet, and where prevailing dramatic assumptions can be subjected to vigorous critical questioning.

Giganto Maxia

Giganto Maxia Author Kentaro Miura
ISBN-10 9781630087272
Year 2016-03-08
Language en
Publisher Dark Horse Comics

100 million years after the Great Destruction, life hangs on in the wastelands with human, demi-humans, and massive creatures fighting for survival. With the Empire of Olympus using colossal beasts to crush their adversaries, only gladiator Delos, mystic Prome, and the titan Gohra they become can hope to stem genocide and heal the shattered Earth! From the immense imagination of Berserk creator Kentaro Miura comes Giganto Maxia, a science-fiction/fantasy manga of titanic proportions!

UQ Holder

UQ Holder Author Ken Akamatsu
ISBN-10 9781682332252
Year 2016-03-29
Pages 208
Language en
Publisher Kodansha Comics

THE TOURNAMENT The murder has been solved and Santa becomes the newest addition to UQ Holder. Soon after, Tōta encounters a woman who claims to be a friend of his grandfather’s. She invites Tōta to enter the legendary Mahora Martial Arts Tournament, hoping he can help solve a peculiar mystery: Someone else has entered the tournament…and his name is Negi Springfield. From the creator of Love Hina and Negima! SEE LESS

King of Wolves

King of Wolves Author Buronson
ISBN-10 159307333X
Year 2005
Pages 193
Language en
Publisher Dark Horse Comics

"Iba, a bright-spirited young historical scholar, disappears while on a lone expedition to study the ancient Silk Road ... A year later, his girlfriend Kyoko discovers that Iba is not only alive but is a warrior-slave under the reign of Genghis Khan in 13th century Mongokia"--P. [4] of cover.

The Flowers of Evil

The Flowers of Evil Author Shuzo Oshimi
ISBN-10 9781682331538
Year 2015-12-08
Pages 190
Language en
Publisher Kodansha Comics

Takao Kasuga is a bookworm. And his favorite book right now is Baudelaire's Flowers of Evil. While the young man may often be seen lost in thought as he rabidly consumes page after page, Takao is not much of a student. Actually when we are first introduced to the middle school teen, we find him sneaking some reading as he receives and F on a recent language exam. Nakagawa is known as the class bully. When she is not receiving zeros she is usually muttering profanities to those around her. While she doesn't care for books or their readers, she does have a thing for troublemakers. Takao may not be one, but having read over his shoulder a few times, she knows he is not very innocent. If anything he is bored and aware of it. Together, by chance, they shake up their entire rural community as Takao tries to break out of his shell in a random moment of passion and affection...not directed towards Nakamura. And contrary to Takao's predictions, the girl he was falling for, Nanako Saeki, responds by eventually accepting the bibliophile for who he is. Or at least, who she thinks he is.

Blood Blockade Battlefront

Blood Blockade Battlefront Author Yasuhiro Nightow
ISBN-10 9781616552237
Year 2013
Pages 192
Language en
Publisher Dark Horse Comics

When Zap is kidnapped, Libra leader Klaus von Reinhertz makes a deal to fight deadly monsters in an underground arena in order to free him.

Berserk Max

Berserk Max Author Kentaro Miura
ISBN-10 9783736722286
Year 2016-05-24
Pages 412
Language de
Publisher Panini

Guts ist Zeuge der Wiedergeburt seines Erzfeindes Griffith im Diesseits geworden. Während Griffith einen Feldzug beginnt, um "sein Reich" zu errichten, sieht Guts die Verwirklichung seiner Rachepläne endlich in greifbare Nähe rücken. Doch Guts muss sich auch um die hilflose Kjaskar kümmern, die keine Zufluchtsstätte mehr besitzt. Er fällt eine folgenschwere Entscheidung, um seine ehemalige Kameradin in Sicherheit zu bringen.

Boys Adrift

Boys Adrift Author Leonard Sax
ISBN-10 9780465040810
Year 2016-06-28
Pages 352
Language en
Publisher Hachette UK

Something scary is happening to boys today. From kindergarten to college, American boys are, on average, less resilient and less ambitious than they were a mere twenty years ago. The gender gap in college attendance and graduation rates has widened dramatically. While Emily is working hard at school and getting A's, her brother Justin is goofing off. He's more concerned about getting to the next level in his videogame than about finishing his homework. Now, Dr. Leonard Sax delves into the scientific literature and draws on more than twenty years of clinical experience to explain why boys and young men are failing in school and disengaged at home. He shows how social, cultural, and biological factors have created an environment that is literally toxic to boys. He also presents practical solutions, sharing strategies which educators have found effective in re-engaging these boys at school, as well as handy tips for parents about everything from homework, to videogames, to medication.

Planetes Omnibus

Planetes Omnibus Author Makoto Yukimura
ISBN-10 9781616559212
Year 2015-12-22
Pages 528
Language en
Publisher Dark Horse Comics

"First published in Japan in 1999 by Kodansha Ltd., Tokyo."--Colophon.


Berserk Author Kentaro Miura
ISBN-10 272345102X
Year 2006-03-15
Pages 180
Language fr

La troupe du Faucon, qui profitait tranquillement de sa gloire acquise au Midland, se trouve précipitamment plongée dans le désarroi. A bout de nerf suite au départ de Guts, Griffith déflore la princesse Charlotte. Ceci parvient aux oreilles du roi. Griffith se retrouve emprisonné et la troupe du Faucon est attaquée par l'armée royale. Un an plus tard, Guts revenu parmi la troupe du Faucon tente de le secourir. Mais il est déjà bien tard, et le corps de son vieil ami est brisé, l'empêchant d'agir par lui-même. Les membres de la troupe du Faucon ont perdu tout espoir, mais paradoxalement, cela renforce les liens qui unissent Guts à Casca...

Graphic Novels A Guide to Comic Books Manga and More 2nd Edition

Graphic Novels  A Guide to Comic Books  Manga  and More  2nd Edition Author Michael Pawuk
ISBN-10 9781440851360
Year 2017-05-30
Pages 719
Language en
Publisher ABC-CLIO

Covering genres from action/adventure and fantasy to horror, science fiction, and superheroes, this guide maps the vast and expanding terrain of graphic novels, describing and organizing titles as well as providing information that will help librarians to build and balance their graphic novel collections and direct patrons to read-alikes. • Introduces users to approximately 1,000 currently popular graphic novels and manga • Organizes titles by genre, subgenre, and theme to facilitate finding read-alikes • Helps librarians build and balance their graphic novel collections


Wolfsmund Author Mitsuhisa Kuji
ISBN-10 1945054239
Year 2017-07-13
Pages 200
Language en
Publisher Vertical Comics

The Swiss Confederation tries to topple the sadistic tyrant in charge of a fortress called the Wolfsmund in Mitsuhisa Kuji's debut fantasy comic. Story Locale- Switzerland Series Overview- It is the 14th Century and as the Swiss begin to initiate their movements toward independence a fortress in the Alps known as the Wolfsmund continues to strike fear amongst the German and Italian communities that dare threaten Hapsburg (Austrian) rule!

Berserk 1

Berserk 1 Author Kentaro Miura
ISBN-10 8499473032
Year 2011-10
Pages 224
Language es
Publisher Glenat Espana Ediciones Sl

Allá adonde va se forman ríos de sangre y montañas de cadáveres. Guts, el guerrero oscuro, busca a los cinco “Mano de Dios” que están detrás de la historia negra de la h