Climates Author Theresa Jarosz Alberti
ISBN-10 0736837353
Year 2005-01-01
Pages 24
Language en
Publisher Capstone

Provides an introduction to the main climates on Earth, including tropical, temperate, polar, and dry climates.

Climate Responsive Design

Climate Responsive Design Author Richard Hyde
ISBN-10 0419209700
Year 2000
Pages 244
Language en
Publisher Taylor & Francis

Climate Responsive Design provides a unique source for students and practising architects requiring guidance on climatic design. Covering theory and application it provides examples of innovative and best practice in 'responsive architecture' through case studies. The book also covers the broader topic of technology as a generator in design which will be of interest to all those involved in design and building. The book focuses on tropical climate but some of the theory can be applied to other climates; the difference in application is clearly delineated.

Climates Constitutions

Climates   Constitutions Author Mark Harrison
ISBN-10 0195646576
Year 1999
Pages 263
Language en
Publisher Oxford University Press, USA

The first major study of European attitudes towards India's climate and their bearing on imperial expansion, this book shows how growing fears about racial degeneration led to the abandonment of plans for white colonization. It also considers European strategies for coping with Indian climate and explains the emergence of modern concepts of race.

Boundary Layer Climates

Boundary Layer Climates Author T. R. Oke
ISBN-10 9781134951338
Year 2002-09-11
Pages 464
Language en
Publisher Routledge

This modern climatology textbook explains those climates formed near the ground in terms of the cycling of energy and mass through systems.

Principles of Planetary Climate

Principles of Planetary Climate Author Raymond T. Pierrehumbert
ISBN-10 9781139495066
Year 2010-12-02
Language en
Publisher Cambridge University Press

This book introduces the reader to all the basic physical building blocks of climate needed to understand the present and past climate of Earth, the climates of Solar System planets, and the climates of extrasolar planets. These building blocks include thermodynamics, infrared radiative transfer, scattering, surface heat transfer and various processes governing the evolution of atmospheric composition. Nearly four hundred problems are supplied to help consolidate the reader's understanding, and to lead the reader towards original research on planetary climate. This textbook is invaluable for advanced undergraduate or beginning graduate students in atmospheric science, Earth and planetary science, astrobiology, and physics. It also provides a superb reference text for researchers in these subjects, and is very suitable for academic researchers trained in physics or chemistry who wish to rapidly gain enough background to participate in the excitement of the new research opportunities opening in planetary climate.

Bulbs for Warm Climates

Bulbs for Warm Climates Author Thad M. Howard
ISBN-10 0292731264
Year 2001-06-15
Pages 276
Language en
Publisher University of Texas Press

From forty-five years of experience in collecting and cultivating bulbs, Thad Howard offers expert advice about hundreds of little-known bulbs and common species, varieties, and hybrids that grow well in warm climates.

Cool Architecture

Cool Architecture Author The Images Publishing Group
ISBN-10 1920744274
Year 2003
Pages 191
Language en
Publisher Images Publishing

Introduces a range of international architectural projects, from residential and municipal to commercial and industrial, each designed to withstand cold-climate conditions including sub-zero temperatures, freeze-thaw cycles, heavy snowfalls and the long,dark days of arctic winters

Warm Climates and Western Medicine

Warm Climates and Western Medicine Author David Arnold
ISBN-10 9051839235
Year 1996
Pages 240
Language en
Publisher Rodopi

It is generally assumed that tropical medicine only emerged as a medical specialism in the late nineteenth century under the aegis of men like Patrick Manson and Ronald Ross. However, recent research (much of it brought together for the first time in this volume) shows that a distinctive medicine of 'warm climates' came into existence much earlier in areas like the West-Indies, Indonesia and India. Europeans' health needs were one imperative, but this was more than just the medicine of Europe shipped overseas. Contact with non-Western medical ideas and practices was also a stimulus, as was Europe's encounter with unfamiliar environments and peoples. These essays provide valuable insights into the early history of tropical medicine and from the standpoint of several European powers. They examine the kinds of medicine practised, the responses to local diseases and environments and diseases, the nature of the medical constituencies that developed, and the relationship between the old medicine of 'warm climates' and the emerging tropical medicine of the late nineteenth century. The volume as a whole expands the parameters for the discussion of the evolution of Western medicine and opens up new perspectives on European science and society overseas.

Climates of the British Isles

Climates of the British Isles Author Michael Hulme
ISBN-10 0415130174
Year 1997
Pages 454
Language en
Publisher Psychology Press

Climates of the British Isles commemorates the twenty-fifth anniversary of the founding of the internationally acclaimed Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia. Written by present and recent members of the Unit, the sixteen chapters of this book distil much of the work and expertise for which the Climatic Research Unit in famous, presenting to the reader through the geographical lens of the British Isles an integrated synopsis of what we know about climate at the end of the twentieth century. This domain is deliberately wider than just the United Kingdom. Yet climate knows no boundaries other than those wrought by mountains and oceans and while climate change has become a political issue in recent years the climate system itself continues to function oblivious to political boundaries. Climates of the British Isles combines the historical and geographical dimensions of climate to provide a more comprehensive account of the changing climate than has previously been attempted. The climates of past ages in this region are reconstructed, from the great Quaternary Ice Ages through to the Little Ice Age of the seventeenth century. A full description of the climate of the present century is provided, illustrated with a wealth of graphs, photographs and colour maps. Some important climate datasets are also listed. The book also addresses the prospects for climate change in the British Isles over the next hundred years and further into the future.

Climates of Hunger

Climates of Hunger Author Reid A. Bryson
ISBN-10 0299073734
Year 1977-06-01
Pages 188
Language en
Publisher Univ of Wisconsin Press

In recent years, world climate changes have drawn more attention than at any other time in history. What we once called "crazy weather," just a few years ago, is now beginning to be seen as a part of a logical and, in part, predictable pattern, an awesome natural force that we must deal with if man is to avoid disaster of unprecedented proportions. Climates of Hunger is a book of paramount importance for our time. It will be essential reading not only for professionals in the field—including agricultural meteorologists, political scientists, geographers, sociologists, and business counselors—but for all who are concerned in any way with environmental trends, world and domestic food supplies, and their effects on human institutions.

Bioclimatic Housing

Bioclimatic Housing Author Richard Hyde
ISBN-10 9781844072842
Year 2008
Pages 440
Language en
Publisher Earthscan

Winner of the American Library Association’s Notable Government Documents Award 2005Cities are facing enormous challenges, with rapidly growing urban populations, often worsening environmental conditions and deteriorating infrastructure, inequali