Foraging the Rocky Mountains

Foraging the Rocky Mountains Author Lizbeth Morgan
ISBN-10 9781493002252
Year 2013-06-04
Pages 272
Language en
Publisher Rowman & Littlefield

The Rocky Mountain region's diverse geography overflows with edible plant species. From salsify to pearly everlasting, currants to pine nuts, Foraging the Rocky Mountains guides you to 85 edible wild foods and healthful herbs of the region. This valuable reference guide will help you identify and appreciate the wild bounty of the Rocky Mountain states. This guide also includes:: detailed descriptions of edible plants and animals tips on finding, preparing, and using foraged foods recipes suitable for the trail and at home detailed, full-color photos a glossary of botanical terms

The Rocky Mountain Wild Foods Cookbook

The Rocky Mountain Wild Foods Cookbook Author Darcy Williamson
ISBN-10 0870043676
Year 1995
Pages 251
Language en
Publisher Caxton Press

Describes the history, characteristics, and traditional medical uses of wild plants found in the Rockies, and suggests recipes using each plant

Edible Native Plants of the Rocky Mountains

Edible Native Plants of the Rocky Mountains Author Harold David Harrington
ISBN-10 0826303439
Year 1968
Pages 392
Language en

This book is an excellent listing of the edible plants of the Rockies. It provides recipes for the preparation of beers and wines, jams and preserves, the cooking of greens and the preparation of dyes, as well as brief histories of the plants' uses by historic and prehistoric peoples. The book contains drawings of the plants in their flowering or fruiting state and lists them by common name as well as scientific name for ready reference.

Mountain States Foraging

Mountain States Foraging Author Briana Wiles
ISBN-10 9781604697926
Year 2016-06-06
Pages 340
Language en
Publisher Timber Press

Forage for wild edible plants in the mountain west! From alpine meadows to high deserts and lush forests, the mountain states are rich with wild edibles. Forager and herbalist Briana Wiles helps you find delicious plants for the picking—treats like spicy wild onion flowers, tender spring asparagus, and sweet late-summer blueberries. Back in the kitchen, infuse vinegars with spruce tips or make stinging nettle pesto with freshly foraged piñon nuts.

Foraging the Mountain West

Foraging the Mountain West Author Thomas J. Elpel
ISBN-10 189278436X
Year 2014-03-01
Pages 338
Language en
Publisher Hops Press

There's food in them thar hills! There is also food in the valleys, meadows, swamps, and all around town, too... maybe even in your own backyard. Foraging the Mountain West is a guide to harvesting and celebrating nature's abundance. Reach out and explore the world with your taste buds. Discover new delights you will never find at the store. Connect with nature on a deeper level by meeting, greeting, and eating the plants, fungi, and creatures that share the neighborhood. Become a little more self-sufficient, and a lot more aware. Foraging the Mountain West is a hands-on manual for identifying, harvesting, and preparing real food. It is written for the backpacker who would rather bring more knowledge and fewer provisions into the wilderness. It is intended for the happy homemaker who wants to eat well and spend less. It is ideal for the creative chef who wants to explore new ingredients and impress diners with novel dishes. The authors brought together years of experience and fun to show you, the prospective forager, what, when, where, why, and how to gather wild and feral plants, mushrooms, and neglected wayside crops. In addition, this is a guide for successful fishing without a pole, hunting without weapons, and shopping without money. This book will help you fill your freezer and satiate your appetite. Foraging the Mountain West will help you dream in winter, cleanse in spring, forage in summer, and gorge in fall. The book includes hundreds of vivid color photos detailing every essential aspect of foraging. This guide is not meant to sit on your coffee table. It is meant to start a revolution!

Ugly Little Greens

Ugly Little Greens Author Mia Wasilevich
ISBN-10 9781624144066
Year 2017-05-16
Pages 224
Language en
Publisher Page Street Publishing

Unique Recipes for the Adventurous Cook Ugly Little Greens is the must-have foraging guide and cookbook for anyone looking to up their game in the kitchen. Mia Wasilevich shares the notes and dishes she’s cultivated over the years while working as a professional chef and educational forager. Her detailed profiles and up close pictures (plus possible look-alikes) allow you to safely find special ingredients to bring new and exciting flavors and textures to everyday dishes. And more importantly, the ingredients are unexpectedly some of the most common and forgotten weeds growing right under your nose and waiting to be harvested from your own backyard and surrounding environment. Her recipes include: - Spicy Cattail and Chorizo Salsa - Elderberry Braised Pot Roast - Acorn Sliders - Pine Beignets with Pine Cream - Lambsquarters Marbled Bread - Succulents and Scallops - Mallow Pappardelle - Nettles Benedict With information on how to forage for and cook with nettles, cattail, watercress and more— including helpful color photos, location maps, key identifying tips (and no dangerous mushrooms)—this book is perfect for foodies.

Rocky Mountain Berry Book

Rocky Mountain Berry Book Author Bob Krumm
ISBN-10 9780762793945
Year 2013-04-09
Pages 192
Language en
Publisher Rowman & Littlefield

A complete guide to finding, harvesting, and preparing wild berries and fruits in the Rocky Mountain West. Includes color photos and more than 100 recipes.

Mushrooms of the Rocky Mountain Region

Mushrooms of the Rocky Mountain Region Author Vera Stucky Evenson
ISBN-10 9781604695762
Year 2015-05-19
Pages 300
Language en
Publisher Timber Press

Mushrooms of the Rocky Mountain Region describes more than 220 species of the region's most conspicuous, distinctive, interesting, and ecologically important mushrooms. Covering Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming, as well as adjacent areas in Montana and Idaho, it is jam-packed with helpful details, including keys for identification and a clear, color-coded layout. It is an essential reference for mushroom enthusiasts, hikers, and naturalists.

Healing Plants of the Rocky Mountains

Healing Plants of the Rocky Mountains Author Darcy Williamson
ISBN-10 0939041227
Year 2002-01-01
Pages 171
Language en

Presents 31 native plants. Each chapter includes an introduction, details on identification, how to harvest for regeneration, plus instructions on preparation for usage and a few historic notes.

Rocky Mountain Flora

Rocky Mountain Flora Author James Ells
ISBN-10 0984221344
Year 2011-05-01
Pages 359
Language en

Most wildflower enthusiasts have several or more books on wildflowers in their libraries, but if you can only have one wildflower book in your pack, make it Rocky Mountain Flora. Jim Ells spent 25 years working on the first edition of Rocky Mountain Flora. One of the many features of this second edition is that he has photographed both the flower and plant to aid in identification. An additional feature of the second edition is that some of the photos from the first edition have been upgraded with the help of volunteer wildflower photographers. Organized by color and then alphabetically by family name and genus, Rocky Mountain Flora has images of each flower, the plant, and detailed descriptions of stems, leaves and flowers, and includes the specific location, elevation, and time of the year the flower was found. A special feature called, "LOOK FOR" helps with quick plant identification.